Our SAS Committee

Members of the Sunderland Astronomical Society (SAS)  Committee are outlined in the table below.

We currently have around 12 members on our committee. With all different ranges of experience, age, backgrounds, astro-related interests.

Details on joining the Sunderland Astronomical Society can be found here.

If you have any general questions or queries about SAS membership or the society in general, please email us at: chairman@sunderlandastro.com


Sunderland Astronomical Society Committee Members

Want to join the Committee?

If you are interested in joining the SAS committee, you first need to be a member of SAS then ask a fellow member to second you at our next SAS AGM.

Being on the  committee is exciting and very rewarding and you can help to really get involved, steer the society onward and upward.

Please read the Committee Member Attributes before proceeding to get yourself nominated.