This years competition was of a high standard and in some categories we had some very close voting between the winner and runner-up.





















Three were three main categories for Beginner & Advanced for Solar System, Wide field, Deep Sky:

The Winning Astrophotgraphers were:

  • Solar System : Beginner, won by Natalie Lowes for Jupiter
  • Solar System : Advanced, won by Jack Newton for aSolar Eclipse, with Totality beginnig with the diamond ring effect
  • Wide field : Beginner, won by Paul Meade for the Orion Constellation.
  • Wide field : Advanced, won by Owen Lowery for the Aurora Borealis (or the northern lights).
  • Deep Sky : Beginner, No Entries were submitted for this category.
  • Deep Sky : Advanced, won by Ian Aiken for the Elephant’s Trunk nebula (IC 1396)
    , located in the constellation Cepheus about 2,400 light years away from Earth.

The Runners-up astrophotgraphers were:

  • Solar System : Beginner, runner-up by Suleiman Alhadhrami for the Crescent Moon, taken in Oman
  • Solar System : Advanced, runner-up by Keith Johnson for Jupiter
  • Wide field : Beginner, runner-up by Suleiman Alhadhrami for the Orion Constellation.
  • Wide field : Advanced, runner-up by Graham Darke for the Comet PannStars.
  • Deep Field : Beginner,No Entries were submitted for this category.
  • Deep Field : Advanced, runner-up by Paul Jenkins for the Leo Galaxy Tiplet

A selection of the winning & runner-up astrophotographers images and certificate presentations are shown below:

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