Become a Member

If you have an interest in Astronomy, Cosmology, Astrophotography – or just an interest in the night sky – and want to meet like-minded people then please come along to one of our meetings.

You are about to join one of the largest societies, and probably the most active society in the North East. We support the whole of Tyne & Wear community and North East region with anything astronomical.

We cater for all levels of Astronomy interest and experience.
We are especially pleased to welcome newcomers into the fascinating study of the heavens, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced observer.

And remember, you do not have to own astronomical telescope/equipment to become a member.

SAS membership Terms & Conditions


Membership Season

SAS Membership season runs from the 1st September each year within September for membership renewals, and your membership also provides Public/Products Liability Insurance (PPLI) cover for members at our society events.

Please note:  Your membership is invaluable and  goes a long way to keep our society going. For e.g. Paying for the upkeep of your society for e.g. site rental costs and various required insurances. 

So now is an ideal time to join and/or renew your membership.

Using the SAS membership forms and one of the payment methods below


Membership fee payment Methods

Payment for SAS memberships can be made using the following methods:

  • Cash;
  • Cheque (paid to “Sunderland Astronomical Society”);
  • Credit Card Machine;
  • Bank Transfer
    • Using our SAS bank details (bank account no. & sort code) please put your name as reference) so we can identify who is membership payment for.
    • For Bank payment details contact the SAS Treasurer.

Remember membership forms are still required to be completed (New & Renewal memberships) and handed in with the payment method to the either the Treasurer ,Secretary, Chair or on of our commitee members for processing.


For all SAS memberships these should be payable throughout September, funds go towards society rental costs.

Your membership also provides Public/Products Liability Insurance (PPLI) cover for members at our society events.

Membership Benefits

SAS Text Alert Service
  • Membership also enables you to join our text alert service, SAS SMS Text AleRService (STARS), and be kept up to date when society observing events are taking place at our observatory, dark sky sites and various astronomical events & visits throughout the season.
SAS Membership ID Card (Small)
  • You get an SAS Membership Card. Issued to for all new & current society members, with a membership card holder and lanyard (if required).
  • All members are encouraged to use/display their membership cards at our SAS meet ups, visits and events at the Wetlands centre and outside.
Cygnus Observatory2
  • Free access to SAS equipment.
  • Free access/use of Cygnus Observatory.
  • Free expertise/advice at SAS events/meetups.
  • Society membership includes membership to the Federation Astronomical Societies (FAS), (FAS Newsletter (3 per year) issued at SAS meetings), as well as other benefits.
  • Your membership also provides Public/Products Liability Insurance (PPLI) cover for members at our society events.

You are also helping to support the society with other costs:

  • rent for the observatory,
  • access to main building,
  • parking,
  • insurances,
  • support materials for society & events,
  • and you’re also supporting the local community.

Annual Membership Fees

We have had to slightly improve our prices (but now open all year) to
Annual Membership Costs are:

  • Single Membership (Adult) £20;
  • Family Membership ( 2 Adults, 3 Children) £20;
  • Concession Membership (Unemployed/Student/Junior/Senior) £15.

Note: Without members subscriptions we would not survive as they make a big contribution to our biggest running costs of ground rent and insurances.

Remember, you do not have to own a telescope to become a member or attend any of our events!



Membership Fees – Throughout Season

New members can pay part-year membership fees throughout the season, as new members join at different times throughout the year we have set up part-year membership fees (as in the table below).

Renewing members should pay full (100%) membership fees in September:-)

Membership Form – New Member

To join SAS please select & download the PDF membership form (image or link):














Membership Form – Renewing Member

To renew membership please select & download the PDF membership form (image or link):













Membership Renewal Form

So if you are interested in joining Sunderland Astronomical Society, don’t be shy, go for it and  please download and fill in the approriate form above.


Who Should I Pass my Membership form to ?

  • Complete our membership application form and hand it to a committee member at one of our regular monthly meetings or open nights.
  • Alternatively, send it to Sunderland Astronomical Society at the following address:

Mr. Chris Duffy, Chair
Sunderland Astronomical Society
c/o Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Tyne & Wear, NE38 8LE

What Happens Next

New Member

  1. Once your membership application form and fees have been received by our Treasurer, you application form will be passed to our Secretary for processing.
  2. Once processed you will then be sent a Welcome email with relevant society information & documentation.
  3. Your SAS membership ID card will then be produced and will be ready to be picked up in our “Membership ID Card box” in our SAS Office/Dugout (usually between 1 – 2 weeks from Membership processing).
    • All commitee members should know where these are, just ask when your next at one of our meetups.

Renewing Member

Renewing members should follow procedure items 1 above.