This years astrophotography competition had two main categories Solar System, and Deep Sky and three classes for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced astrophotography.

The images in all categories were of a very high standard this year and in some cases between the  intermediate and advanced classes the votes separating the winner and runner-up were separated by one vote!

A selection of the winning & runner-up astrophotographers and their certificate presentations are shown below:

Their astrophotography images will also be shown when they are supplied 🙂

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The Winning Astrophotographers by Category, Class, Astrophotography, Astro object were:

  • Solar System : Beginner, won by Brenda Wadham for an image of the Moon;
  • Solar System : Intermediate, won by Ian Aiken for detailed image of the Moon;
  • Solar System : Advanced, won by Graham Darke for a Solar System Collage;
  • Deep Sky : Beginner, won by Alison Bossaert for the M81;
  • Depp Sky Intermediate, won by John Lynch for the Rosetta Nebula;
  • Deep Sky : Advanced, won by Ian Aiken for the Pleiades (M45).

The Runners-up astrophotographers by Category, Class, Astrophotographer ,Astro object were:

  • Solar System : Beginner, runner-up by  Brenda Wadham of the Aurora Borealis;
  • Solar System : Intermediate, runner-up by Stephen Carr for a Solar System Collage;
  • Solar System : Advanced, runner-up  runner-up by Graham Darke for the Comet Lovejoy;
  • Deep Sky : Beginner, runner-up by Brenda Wadham for the M42;
  • Deep Sky : Intermediate, runner-up by Owen Lowrey for the M82 Supernova;
  • Deep Sky : Advanced, runner-up by Paul Jenkins for the Squid Nebula.