Expected attributes of Sunderland Astronomical Society committee member

The following attributes are expected from all committee members of the Sunderland Astronomical Society (SAS):


Events & Meetings  (When possible/practical)

  • Be in attendance during the majority of organised/paid events at the Cygnus Observatory.
  • Be able to participate as part of our outreach programme (away from Cygnus Observatory).
  • Prepared to attend and participate actively in the majority of Committee meetings (Subject to mitigating circumstances).
  • Be available ahead of Lectures or meetings (excluding Committee meetings) to prepare  the venue for the event.
  • Be available after lectures or meetings to restore the venue to its required (former) status.
  • Be available for the majority of the Thursday night meetings – Providing a point of contact for public, as a friendly, approachable, guide to members of the public at the Cygnus Observatory, including supervision of a telescope (when conditions allow) so that  members of the public can view the night sky.
  • Be available to open up the WWT and also close down the WWT (given training in respect of the required procedure) on regular occasions (if a key holder).
  • Be available to open up the Dark Sky meeting area (if a key holder and given training in respect of the required procedure).

Maintenance  (When possible/practical)

  • Be prepared to help with general maintenance of the SAS areas.
  • Ensure that the ‘Dugout’/ ‘Office’ is kept secure and tidy at all times.
  • Ensure that, after a meeting, the Discovery room is an acceptable state for the WWT staff the following morning.
  • Ensure the security of ALL SAS assets at all times
  • Restrict access to the ‘Dugout’/ ‘Office’ to Committee members only.


  • Be trained in the operating procedures to use the:
    • 8 and 14 inch Meade telescopes.
    • Operation of both the Cygnus observatory dome and the “shed”
    • “All  Access” SCT.

Committee Member Attributes – Download PDF.