Kader Primary School - Visits Cygnus Observatory

About this event :

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80-90 school chldren (5 year olds) + Parents/Guardians/Teachers from the Kader Primary School will be visiting Cygnus Observatory to (hopefully) view the skies and have a talk.

This visit will include an astronomy related talk, possible demos and observing afterwards, if the weather is favourable for observing.

Any help from our SAS members is very welcome, with or without telescopes.

So volunteers are welcome to come down with a scope for about 5:45pm if possible for set-up.

They will be at observatory from  6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Please Note: Cygnus Observatory will be closed to public during this visit and will be re-open from 8:00pm onwards.


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Your host : Martin Kennedy

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