Lecture: "Galactic Archaeology: Galaxies (past, present & future)".

About this event :

Galactic-ArcheologyUpdate: 14/03/2014 – Chris Lintott has sent his apologies this morning Friday 14th March & had to cancel his visit and lecture on “Galactic Archaeology: Understanding the Universe’s past by looking at the present.”

This is due to  “a major (potentially Nobel winning) discovery being announced on Monday and he needs to be in a studio Sunday night to record TV pieces“.

He apologized w.r.t. letting SAS down at eleventh hour and he hopes to visit soon.

Therefore, our plan B comes into effect.

In the unfortunate absence of Chris Lintott, Dave Newton will take up the challenge of talking about “Galactic Archaeology: Galaxies”.  What they are and what studying them can tell us about the past, present and future of our universe.”

Nice one Dave.




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Your host : Martin Kennedy

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