Nissan Fireworks Display

About this event :

Nissan Sports and Leisure Complex (NSLC) have invited us for our fifth organised event.

SAS members that are not at Kielder Star Camp and are available, please show your support for this event. As there are around 6000 plus members of the public at this event, and you will be treated to a cracking firework display free of charge.

Observing will start as soon as it gets dark after 5:30 pm & after the fireworks display, approximately 8:20 pm and the event finishes around 9:30 pm.

All participants need to be on-site before 5:30 pm, Suggested meetup in WWT car park and travel over to Nissan in convoy. See Paul’s message on our Facebook page for further information regarding meeting times, etc.

This is a ticketed event, but SAS participants get in for free, so it would be useful to know approximate interest before the event.

Also, it would be a good opportunity to advertise/publicise our fundraising event on 23 November at NSLC.

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Your host : Ian Aiken

Ian Aiken is a keen amateur astronomer. His primary focus is Astrophotography but loves to get out under the stars now and then for some great observing. Ian is on the committee of SAS and currently holds the role of webmaster for the new SAS website (although he encourages members to participate and publish content).

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