Society Rules & Code of Conduct

SAS Website & SAS Facebook Group Rules

The society recognises that Facebook is already for those 13 yrs or older but would like to maintain a PG atmosphere in its online presence.

To that end members are advised as follows:

  1. Any abuse or hate speech is not allowed, including but not limited to; personal attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-semitism. Posts of this nature will be immediately deleted and the postee warned by moderators.
  2. Language used should fall into a PG category. Posts containing other words will be edited or deleted and the user warned by moderators.
    In the case of repeated infractions of 1 & 2 the person posting will be dealt with as follows:
    2nd offence, warned and banned for 24 hours.
    3rd offence, banned for a week.
    4th offence, banned permanently.
  3. Images posted should be astronomical in nature, or astronomical event related.
  4. No direct links or promotion of any business is allowed.
  5. Members can freely post comments about astronomical events, business or equipment if they are not personally involved with the business and do not stand to gain financially from the post.
    • For clarity, the term “business” above includes not for profit institutions such as but not limited to Starmakers, Kielder observatory and so on.

SAS Code of Conduct

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