SAS Lecture: "Getting to know the size of space" (Wetlands Centre & via Zoom)

About this event :

We Astronomers are fond of telling anyone who will listen about the enormity of space. Quoting how many light years it is to that star or this Galaxy, but how do we know?

  • Who worked it all out?
  • When did they do it?
  • How did they do it?
The talk is a journey of thousands of years though history, looking at the men and women who made the discoveries and how they did it.
From Aristarchus of Samos, to Halley, to Leavitt, to Hubble and the current theories on Red shift and the expansion of the universe, with possibly a few detours along the way.
Chris will be delivering the talk so it’s not going to be very technical, but hopefully interesting.
The talk will held at the Washington Wetlands Centre on Sunday 19th June.
If you haven’t been in a while why not come along.

Talks at the Wetlands and via Zoom

Talks at Wetlands Centre

The SAS is planning to run this  lecture from the our base of operations Washington Wetlands Centre (in the usual Discovery Room).

Suitable hand sanitisers will be located in the room and at the our observatory. 


We will also try to run the via Zoom for those members/potential members/public who cannot make the lecture event at Washington Wetlands Centre. although we cannot guarantee to quality of the Zoom video feed.

Talks via Zoom

Due to current Washington Wetlands Centre pandemic group gatherings advice we have previously  run SAS lectures via Zoom Pro. which has worked quite successfully.

This has also enable the society to widen our scope of  speakers and to contact and deliver talks from SAS speakers/professional astronomers from further afield nationally and internationally.

We aim to continue this capability depending upon the circumstances and/or location of the speaker for the talk.


Zoom Access

Therefore if you interested in viewing and participating (i.e. Q&A) in this month’s talk,  please send an email request to

Stating your:

  • Name
  • And if you are a current/potential SAS member (i.e. Single, Family, Concession, etc) or you have a just a general interest in the lecture(s)

We will be then send you details on How to join the Zoom video meeting for the SAS talk.

The requisites will be:

  • Meeting ID – 375 091 0450
  • Password Begins with “C*****”


When Who Where

  • Date:  Sunday 19th June 2022,
  • Time: 7pm.
  • Speaker: Chris Duffy FRAS.
  • Venue: Via Zoom (due to pandemic social distancing restrictions at the Wetlands Centre – Zoom meeting joining instructions will be sent via our SAS email alert near the talk date).

Our speaker

Our speaker is Chris Duffy is the current chair and an active member of SAS and is a keen advocate on Astronomy outreach in the community.

Chris also works as a professional astronomer at the Battlesteads Observatory.

Chris is the astrophotography director at AstroVentures, an expert astrophotographer and astronomy teacher with a passion for Dark Sky objects.

A committee member of Sunderland Astronomical Society, Chris gives expert talks and presentations to society members and the public at the society’s outreach events,
Chris has been specialising in deep sky astrophotography for the last 6 years and is recognised as an accomplished photographer of faint distant objects using long exposure techniques,
He is one of the lead astronomers at Battlesteads since it’s opening in 2015 and hosts the monthly astrophotography courses at the observatory


Your host : Martin Kennedy