SAS Meeting via ZOOM (Open to the Public)

About this event :

SAS MEETING SUNDAYS via ZOOM (Open to the Public).

START TIME:  7:00pm.

END TIME: usually 9:00pm   

This is open to the public (i.e. non-members/prospective SAS members).

There is no formal subject just general astronomy chat. We get lots of questions on Facebook asking for advice and opinions on equipment and observing, so now is your chance to ask directly some of our senior members.

We will give an update on the society and our plans to start meeting again safely.

Advice and chat on telescopes, eyepieces, astro cameras, observing techniques, astro related craic,etc. In fact anything you like so long as it’s astronomy related.

Zoom details are as follows

For the Zoom:

  • Meeting ID
  • Password

Please send an email request to the

Stating your:

  • Name
  • If you are a current/potential member
  • Possibly your subject matter

And upon confirmation you will them be sent Zoom Meeting ID and Zoom password to log into the meeting.

Your host : Martin Kennedy