SAS Astrophotography Competition 2020 (via Facebook)

About this event :

17th May: SAS Astrophotography Competition 2020 (via Facebook)

Hi everyone,
We hope you are all bearing up in these strange times.
The month of May is traditionally the time of our society astrophotography competition. We have been considering if we can still do this this year and we think it will be possible via Facebook.
We want to keep this simple so we invite our full society members to post their images in the comments section of this post. We can then all vote for the images we like via the ‘like” option.
Some simple rules apply, so please read.
  1.  The competition is open to entries from now and closes to new entries at 8pm Friday 15th May.
  2. Voting will close at 8pm on Sunday 17th May.
  3. The most likes will determine the winners.
  4. We will follow the same categories as usual.
    Beginner and Advanced, Solar System and Deep sky. Also the best image taken with a mobile phone.
  5. The competition is open to entries from full society members only, (any images posted by non members will be removed) and images should have been taken in the last 12 months, however voting is open to all in our Facebook group.
  6. You can vote for, (like) as many images as you wish. All of the “like” imogis’ (👍😀❤ etc.) will count as 1 vote.
  7.  When entering your image please state:- Name of the subject, date taken, equipment used, and whether you’re a beginner (astro imaging for less than a year) or advanced. Create a new post for each image you enter.
  8. Any comments other than those attached to the image will be removed.
Good luck everyone. Let’s see you photos.
Prizes will be the all important winner and runner up certificates.
Chris Duffy
Chair Sunderland Astronomical society.


The Sunderland Astronomical Society’s Astrophotography Competition 
  1. Solar System.  
  2. Deep Sky.
  3. Smartphone/Tablet.

Skill Level

In each Category (apart from Smartphone) experience Levels:

  1. Less than 12 months experience.
  2. More than 12 months experience.

There will be a winner and runners-up photo will be voted on for each category & skill level.

This year we also have a new Smartphone/Tablet category. This can any image and any experience level. 


Competition Rules

There are 2 main rules for competition image entries:

Rule 1: Each astronomical object/image  taken within the last twelve months should be printed on a photograph up to A4 in size with the following information on the back of each photo.

  • Category (i.e. Solar System, Deep Sky or Smartphone/Tablet).
  • Skill Level, (i.e. Less than or more than 12 months experience).
  • Name of your astronomical object, associated identifier (for e.g. Orion Nebula, M42);
  • Equipment used to take the image; (for e.g. Skywatcher Evostar 80 DS-PRO ED, Cannon  600D, EQ6, etc);
  • Your Name;
  • Your contact details (Email/Tel No.)”, if required.

Alternatively, if you prefer the following information can be written on a piece of paper/post-it note on then stuck on the back of your photo (if you wish to preserve you photo – post it notes can be provided on the night):

Rule 2: It has been decided that for the astrophotography competition this year will be open to Sunderland Astronomical Society members only (i.e. members subscriptions paid).

So if you are not currently a SAS member and would like to submit your astro photos into the competition you will need to join &  fill out an application form and bring it with you on the night or join before the event.
Note 1: A selection of the winning & runner-up astrophotographers images and certificate presentations will be shown website after the competition (if supplied:-)).

Note 2: Winner / Runners-up / & possibly other submitted astro images may be used on a SAS fundraising calendar, SAS Facebook or our webpage. If there are any objections to this please email chairman on above email address.

The best of luck to all astro photo entries.

Your host : Martin Kennedy