SAS Lecture: Swimming in the Water Hole: Exploring the depths of the Autumn skies

About this event :

The Autumn is one of speaker Dave Newton’s favourite times of year for astronomy, thanks in part to the longer, darker nights.

Importantly, in Autumn evenings we are looking away from our own galaxy (the Milky Way) and into the deep space beyond.

The Autumn constellations have a decidedly watery theme, containing Pisces the fishes, Cetus the sea monster, and Aquarius the water bearer amongst other.

While this patch of dark sky is seemingly devoid of bright stars, it is home to some fascinating objects.

Dave will show us some of the sunken treasures that can be found if you are prepared to go diving in this deepest part of the sky.

When Who Where

  • Date:  15th September 2019,
  • Time: 7pm.
  • Speaker: Dave Newton.
  • Venue: Will take place at the Cygnus Observatory (WWC Discovery Room).

Our speaker

Our speaker is recently former Dave Newton President and one of the founding members of the SAS  and is an active member of the the society with a keen interest & passion in astronomy outreach, visual observing and all things astronomical.


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Your host : Martin Kennedy