Lecture: How Telescopes are made

About this event :

For over 400 years now astronomy prospers by the use of it’s most important tool, the telescope.

In this lecture  Dr Jurgen Schmoll will show how these wonderful instruments were once made and how they are made today, focusing on research telescopes as well as on amateur equipment where examples of mass production are shown as well as ways to make your own telescope at home.


When Who Where

  • Date:  Sunday 17th June 2018,
  • Time: 7pm.
  • Speaker: Dr Jurgen Schmoll.
  • Venue: Will take place at the Cygnus Observatory (WWC Discovery Room).

Our speaker

Our speaker is Dr Jurgen Schmoll  a is a member of  Astronomer and Instrument Scientist based at the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation and in the Department of Physics, Durham University. 


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Your host : Martin Kennedy