Cygnus Observatory Dome Fundraising Appeal

Help us replace your ageing & leaking observatory dome.


The Cygnus Observatory was built by Sunderland Astronomocal Society (SAS) members in 1993.

Did you know this is the only public observatory in Tyne & Wear, open every Thursday to the public and  it’s free!

However, the observatory dome is in desperate need of replacement and is leeaking badly and is difficult to operate.

Tne SAS is trying to raise £15,000 for a new automated dome that can provide easier operation in the dome, and badly needed observatory accessories. The new dome will also provide easy operation and can also remotely operated from inside the Washington Wtelands centre to enable greater outreach.

The observatory supports numerous outreach programmes, external orgasnisations and supports thousands of people in the North East region.

There are tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people living in the north-east without access to a telescope and the night sky.

A new dome will be able to support many more people and introduce them to the night sky, astronomy and the greatest show going on above our heads.

Please help us fundraise for a new dome.

We are regsitered charity and non-profilt society, so any funds raised goes directly to the observatory.

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