Moonwatch & Stargazing Event

About this event :

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Visit the Cygnus Observatory based at the Washington Wetlands Centre for an evening dedicated to our nearest celestial neighbour.

See the moon in stunning detail through many telescopes and enjoy a tour of the night skies from this welcoming and friendly group of amateur astronomers.

  • Powerful telescopes will be available to view:
  • The Moon.
  • Amazing stellar nursery, the Orion Nebula (M42).
  • Andromeda Galaxy (M31).
  • Amazing open star clusters including the spectacular “Seven Sisters”, (M45).
  • Plus many other astronomical wonders of the night sky.

Date: Friday 15th March 2019.

Times: from 7:00 pm – 9:30pm.

Price: Free Entry (Ticket Booking required)


To control numbers at this event this is a ticket event which can be booked through the Eventbrite webpage.

Event size: 300, so book your tickets asap!

If good weather this event will be a sell out, so book your ticket(s) to reserve a place and avoid disappointed

Join local astronomers from across the North East for a fun night of assorted astronomical treats at the several sites at Cygnus Observatory based at the Washington Wetlands Centre.


SAS members: who are participating in this event, please contact the SAS chairman, whether you have telescope or would just like to help out/support the event in any way asap.

We need as many SAS members astronomers & volunteers as possible with & without telescopes to support these events.

Event Information:

  • Suitable for all ages & abilities.
  • Lots of telescopes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Moon related related talks:
    • Moon’s history, the Earth and Moon as a system.
    • Man’s exploration of the Moon.
  • Local amateur astronomer expertise on hand to answer questions & share their knowledge of the night sky.
  • Tickets are free, but please book early as tickets are limited.
  • Bring suitable clothing for the weather.
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Moon Clavious - Steve Carr-web2

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Your host : Martin Kennedy