20th September Lecture – The Warped Century: Celebrating 100 years of General Relativity

The years around 1915 conjure up dark images of the Great War and the destruction that went with it.

Yet 1915 was also the year that Einstein’s master work, General Relativity, first appeared and forever changed our view of this Universe we live in.

SAS President Dave Newton will give a talk on the background to the theory and how our understanding of the universe has changed profoundly over the last 100 years.


12th September: SAS Starbeque

Starbeque 2015

From humble beginnings and as a pre-season event, the annual SAS Starbeque event has now become the stuff of legend.

Held usually on last Saturday in August, but due to the site being used as Beowulf series filming location and the nearest new moon phase it’s the 12th September 2015, starting at 6:30 pm until very late, observing aftwerwards if weather is favourable.

Stargazing Live - (WWT) 2015

20th – 21st March: Stargazing Live

In suppot of the BBC Two’s Stargazing Live shows on BBC2 on Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, & Friday 20th (morning of partial solar eclipse) March, Sunderland Astronomical Society and other invited Astronomical Society’s will be running our own Stargaing Live events on Friday 20th & Saturday 21st March 2015, from 6:30 pm.

Join local astronomers from across the North East for a fun night of assorted astronomical treats at the Cygnus Observatory at the WWT Washington Wetlands Centre.