21st July Lecture: One Small Step: The legacy of the Apollo programme

21st July 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first moonwalk, when Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on another world.

For a brief period, the Moon became our first outpost in the wider cosmos before the manned missions ceased in December 1972.

In total, only 12 men ever walked on the Moon.

Yet, Armstrong’s ‘small step for a man’ changed our view of the universe, and more, profoundly.

In this talk, Dave Newton reflects upon the Apollo programme, its highs and lows, the scientific discoveries, and Apollo’s impacts on the world that are still being felt today.


16th September Lecture: In Search of Extra-Terrestrials

In this talk Society President Dave Newton will outline his thoughts on the search for extraterrestrial life, touching upon his lifelong fascination with Outer Space and his own involvement with research into claims of alien encounters.

Dave will assess the likelihood and possibilities for alien life, and ask the questions:

  • Why is this important?
  • And why, ultimately, the search for life Out There in the cosmos shines a light upon ourselves.


Meteorite Talk

19th August Lecture: Meteorites 101 – Up Close and personal

Get up close and personal with some 4.5 billion year old space rocks. 

Everything you wanted to know about Meteors, Meteoroids and Meteorites a journey back in time.

  • What they are?
  • Where do there come from?
  • What types are there?
  • How are the formed, composition?
  • What have meteorites ever done for us?
  • Etc.

In this interactive lecture  Michael Tweedy (SAS Chairman gives some background information and shows his impressive meteorite collection.


18th August: SAS Starbeque

From humble beginnings and as a pre-season event, the annual SAS Starbeque event has now become the stuff of legend and it was our largest attended Starbeque to date.

Held usually on last Saturday in August, but due to the nearest new moon phase.

  • Date:  Saturday 18th August 2018,
  • Time: From 7 pm until very late, observing afterwards if weather is favorable.
  • Venue: Will take place at at Derwent Reservoir located at our Millshield dark sky site.

This is our traditional celebration of the return of darker nights and, as in previous years, 

The event is free to attend (members,  invited guests & the public) though you will need to supply your own barbeque goodies (for e,g, food, disposable barbies, etc), scopes, etc.

Note: There is now a car parking charge of £1.50 for the night Millfields Car Park.


12th August: Perseids Meteor Shower Watch at Cygnus Observatory

The Perseids are coming, THE PERSEIDS ARE COMING!!!!!

This weekend the Earth will swing through the debris left behind from comet Swift-Tuttle.

The peak of the shower is on Sunday the 12th.

To make sure that we see this we will be opening the Cygnus Observatory open to members on Sunday 12th from 7 pm

Obviously this is hugely dependent on the weather, so if it’s anything else but clear/clear internvals we will not be opening up.

Details of how to finds us on the the website.

Perseid Meteor show guide.


15th July Lecture: TRAPPIST-1 System of Exoplanets

In Natalie Heron’s talk she outlines that we’ve possibly found a new solar system, and it threatens to put our own to shame.

The star Trappist-1, a mere 39 light years away, has been found to host seven Earth-sized, rocky planets.

The discovery has astronomers, alien-hunters, and space enthusiasts abuzz for a good few reasons. Among new solar systems discovered so far, none have had more than seven planets (our system has eight). And none have had all seven that were rocky and also Earth-sized.

What’s more, because the star type is among the most common in our galaxy, such solar systems are likely to be quite common. That makes the Trappist-1 system a prime target to accelerate the search for life beyond our own solar system.


14th July: SAS 25th Anniversary

It is the SAS 25th anniversary in July 2018.

The SAS from humble beginnings to now one of the largest, if not the largest and most dynamic Astronomical Societies’ in the North of England.

So the SAS is having a bit of a Birthday do on the Saturday 14 July 2018 to celebrate. 

The will be a buffet and possible a barbeque outside, SAS history related from some of our founding members.

So it’s your chance to find out how it all began.

Also there may be other possible other talks, and of course good craic and  observing (if the weather is favourable).

We ask participants to bring any suitable food/etc for the buffet (similar to Xmas Benker night) and possibly barbeque.

Details on the Barbeque are TBD.

  • Date:  Saturday 14th July 2018,
  • Time: From 7:30 pm until very late, observing afterwards if weather is favorable.
  • Venue: Will take place at at  our Observatory and base of operations the Washington Wetlands Centre.

The event is free to attend (members,  invited guests & the public) though you will need to supply your own barbeque goodies (for e,g, food, disposable barbies, etc), scopes, etc.